More Ascii Sprites

A while back I posted about the pdevine/whale-test container you can pull from Docker Hub.  When I wrote that I had been trying to write a sprite library in golang which was based upon the gizak/termuilibrary, but I kept running into weird issues with the way that it was buffering data before flushing it out.  I guess that’s the problem with trying to graft something like a sprite library on top of a library designed for creating text widgets.

As time went by the whale-test code kind of bit rotted, and it looks like termui isn’t being supported anymore at all.  Most of the posts in the github repo are asking if the project is dead, and none of the pull requests have been added in years (actually, one was, and that now causes a panic).  So, instead of using termui, I decided to just use nfs/termbox-go directly, which is the low level library that termui is based upon.

If you do a docker run -it --rm pdevine/whale-test, it’s now written with the newly revamped, nascent sprite library called pdevine/go-asciisprite.  I’ve also added a new demo which you can run with docker run -it --rm pdevine/pants which is very trouser related.  I work for Docker after all.

All source code can be found at