The New Rig

So back in January I pre-ordered an Oculus Rift. It’s now mid-May and I still haven’t gotten it yet, however, I think it’s probably imminent. When I ordered it, I actually didn’t want to get it right away, because my current PC gaming rig just isn’t going to cut the mustard. Plus, I figured that nVidia was going to release a new GPU which would probably knock the socks off of the current generation. So now it’s getting close to when the Rift is going to ship, and, wouldn’t-you-know-it, nVidia just announced the new GeForce 1080s are going to ship in a few weeks.

So, it’s time to build the new machine.

I figure I probably shouldn’t go overboard; ┬ámy last machine I built I ended up getting an AMD CPU with 6-cores just because I thought it’d be interesting for Netkine (my now defunct startup). This time I’m dialing back the cores to 4 with an Intel i5-6600k, but overall it should be pretty smoking fast (or at least fast enough for driving the Rift).