The Rift Has Arrived

It’s here!  It only took six (!) months to get here, but the Rift has finally arrived.  There was a little bit of a snafu in delivering it (I had to be at home to sign), but after waiting so long, what’s an extra weekend? Initial impressions:

  • Nothing else comes close to how immersive this thing can be.  You have to really try it to appreciate it.  I know everyone says that, but it’s the truth.  You literally try touching stuff in mid-air and try ducking out of the way of things.
  • My friend Chris’s game Dead Secret is truly terrifying.  I’m not sure if this is just me due to not having really played suspense/horror games before, but it’s hard for me to not want to rip the Rift off of my head while playing it.
  • Oculus gets most things right in terms of quality.  The packaging was great, although things slipped in shipping.  I can’t seem to get the wireless Xbox One controller to work wirelessly, but I don’t know if that’s because I already have a wired Xbox 360 controller and an old Logitech Dual-Shock controller. I ended up using my wired Xbox 360 which works great.
  • EVE: Valkyrie makes me want to barf.  Literally.  I assumed that since I almost never get motion sickness, and that I can actually fly a plane for realsies, I wouldn’t have any problems playing this game.  Which is sorta true, except I then went to bed and woke up a few hours later wanting to hurl.
  • Oculus makes pretty games that aren’t particularly fun to play.  Lucky’s tale looks amazeballs, but it’s nowhere near as fun as something like Super Mario 3D World.  Same goes for Farlands, which is also gorgeous but I just couldn’t get into the game and the voice acting was driving me crazy.
  • Steam’s VR experience is kind of terrible, at least with a Rift.  At first it was confused and thought I had an HTC Vive, and now it just shows me in a big open place with no menus in it.  I finally, sorta, got DCS World to work through it, but I don’t know how to make input work, so I can’t get past the first screen.